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Micha32 October 4, 2011 07:55

Load blocking from Unstruct mesh problem
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I am working on a method to automatically construct a blocking in ICEM CFD v13.0 from an unstruct mesh which I already got in NASTRAN (.bdf) format. The geometry is also given (.step).

First thing I recognized is that the "load from unstruct mesh" command doesn't build a blocking that is equal to the unstruct mesh. ICEM seems to merge parts of the mesh into one block although I don't know how it's made.

Anyway, my aim is to now create a struct mesh for each block. So I set up the meshing priorities and let ICEM create a mesh from the blocking. From outside the mesh seems to be how I wanted it to be made. But inside the body ICEM creates a couple of nodes I don't understand where they come from. This happens even when I delete face/edge/vertex associations and associate by myself.

I hope anyone can tell me how I can avoid that ICEM creates these nodes because it makes my mesh complete useless.


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