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Silmaril October 12, 2011 05:05

Problem with segment surface and meshing
I work with ICEM. I need to make several cylindrical holes in a spherical surface, so I have intersected the sphere with the cylinders obtaining the intersecting curves. After that I segment the sphere through the curves. At that point some of the segmentations get wrong: or didn't work at all or segment the surfaces but not exactly along the curve, with some little errors.

How can I solve this problem? is there some setting that influence the segmentation?

The problem rises when I have to mesh the model: in the holes that didn't segment exactly along the curve (even if the geometric difference should be neglected) the boundary curve itself was segmented in many sub-curves (some of them very tiny).
When the code try to get the tetra mesh, many highly deformed triangles are formed near such curves (with the edge on the sub-curve very small while the others much bigger, taking the imposed mesh size from the surrounding surface).

How can I fix this problem? even if I cannot fix the segment issue, is there a way to impose the meshing so that I can make the code to forget about those tiny sub-curves?

Thanks for the help


PSYMN October 13, 2011 16:42

A number of the geometry commands (such as create intersection curve or segment by curve) are very sensitive to the tri-tolerance of the model. I suggest refining the tri-tolerance and then trying again...

Search the Help for more info...

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