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willis October 17, 2011 07:59

Mesh Inconsistencies
Hello all,

I am using ANSYS 13.0 workbench to compare the flow round various airfoils. Being relatively new to the program I am having trouble with meshing.

Currently, I am modelling the NACA 4311 in 3D. I have specified a C-Mesh fluid volume made up of a rectangular box and a cylinder. When meshing however, the cylinder contains quadrilateral mesh components where as the rectangular box consists of triangular elements.

The result is a poorly resolved mesh at the trailing edge of the airfoil. Also, patches of the flow I am less interested in further from the airfoil surface have a better resolution that necessary.

I cannot see what mistake I have made to get to this sitution... is there an easy solution?

Many thanks in advance for any help.


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