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Chilli October 17, 2011 16:12

blocking a seal geometry in ICEM HEXA
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Hello ICEM Pros,

I have some problems to mesh a geometry in ICEM. It is a part of an radial impeller shroud inclusive a sealgeometry. I have no idea how i can block this geometry to get a high quality mesh with inflation layers, because of the high expansions of the areas. :(

The geometry is also rotational periodic.
Can someone of you give me some helpful tips?

In the attachment are some screenshots of the problem.


Sushilkumar October 21, 2011 02:28

You can start from axial end of the geometry. Generate a block and as geometry goes radially you keep extruding the blocks one by one to capture the geometry. once you have captured the geometry with blocking you can then refine the mesh in near walls using bunching laws to generate inflation layers.
Hope this helps.

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