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syler3321 October 17, 2011 23:24

Periodicity lost during quater ogrid blocking
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I am modelling a diesel combustion engine. to save computing cost, i am modelling only 1/7th of the cylinder. As such, the mesh would require periodicity. I managed to mesh my geometry and it looks fairly decent but i have problems with periodicity. when i did a check on the mesh, it gave me lots of messages like shells #### has node #### with no twin.
Here is how i did it. I initially specified periodicity. But because of the sharp edged tip of my geometry, i used the quater-ogrid blocking. Once i did that, i lost a lot of the periodicity. Is there any way around this? attached is the picture of my mesh.
Attachment 9608
Attachment 9609
Attachment 9610

Thanks for your help..anyone

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