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Krish October 18, 2011 12:10

Problem with Icem Script
Hi everyone,

I am having a problem with an icem script that I am trying to use.

The script creates and airfoil and places an object (at a given point) on the airfoil surface.

So basically, as my object move along the airfoil, Block 1 should increase in the number of nodes and block 2 should decrease in number of nodes. All this should occur keeping the edge spacing fixed.

The problem I have is that script does not pickup the correct edge spacing provided by the script. Below is a sample line:

ic_hex_set_mesh 42 35 n 105 h1rel 0.0004 h2rel 0.0 r1 2 r2 2 lmax 0 geo1 copy_to_parallel unlocked.

This should provide a node spacing (using geo1 so spacing 1) of 0.0004 but in reality it become something around 0.00029 range!!! :mad:

Any suggestions are welcome :D



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