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Julian K. October 18, 2011 15:54

Generating Mesh for Decoupled Mesh Motion with ICEM
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I would like to simulate a 2D flow over an oscillating cylinder using CFX 13.0. The mesh will be created with ICEM 13.0 and should be composed as follows (see figure in attachment):

The cylinder is situated in a subdomain with a fine grid. This subdomain should be connected to the cylinder movement. Thus, the subdomain follows the movement of the cylinder, causing only the outer mesh to deform (similar case as in the tutorial in chapter 32.6 'Modeling a Buoy using the CFX Rigid Body Solver' of the ANSYS CFX Tutorials).

My questions are:
How to create the subdomain, so that CFX recorgnizes them?
How to define the interfaces in ICEM?
How would you create this mesh?



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