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Far October 24, 2011 22:04

Right approach for meshing of square with circle
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Dear ICEM fellows

I have just started to learn the ICEM CFD. I trid to mesh the square with inside circle (see attached Figs.).

But the problem I have is that I have to specify the edge mesh points for each of the four diagonal edges. Even I turned on the copy parameters to all parallel edge. Is there any continuity problem for four blocks, in other words are these blocks connected to each other? if no, please tell me my mistake and appropriate way to handle this.

Far October 24, 2011 22:05

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remaining Figures ..........

Doginal October 25, 2011 09:32

Hello Far

I do not have much experience with ICEM CFD but hopefully i can help. I think what you have done is fine. The blocks are there to guide the mesh generation, the mesh is not "separated" or anything like that between blocks if that is what you mean.
In fact, ICEM with not let you make uneven mesh between blocks. meaning in 1 block you cannot have 100 radial divisions then in an adjacent block have only 75 radial divisions.

The only real "issue" i can see with your mesh is that the corners of the blocks associated with the circle are not evenly distributed which can distort the mesh.

Another approach that you can consider which would make developing the blocks much easier is to use an "O-grid". Rather than dividing the mesh into 9 blocks and deleting and moving them around. A simple o-grid cut will make this exact block system in 1 step. Then you simply associate the outside edges to outside curves, associate the inside edges to inside curves. Snap the vertices to place (can be done while associating the inside edges). Then delete the inside block.

Thank You,


Far October 25, 2011 10:18

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wow, you just did the magic. Now I feel that my approach was not good enough, what you have suggested is much better way to do the same thing in very few steps.


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