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JD944 October 25, 2011 14:51

Error while Loading a Geometry
Hello guys,

I'm quiet new at working with ANSYS so please don't "kill" me if my question is stupid... I'm writing my bachelor thesis about a CFX-analysis and am starting right now with the tips my professor gave me, maybe they are not that good.

I'm trying to load a geometry into my CFX-File (I started from Workbench and loaded the file into the geometry).

When I opened the Design Modeler and "Generated" the "Import1", it showed me the geometry but I had only a "yellow" symbol at the side. I checked "Show Errors and Warnings" and found the Error-Message that I screenshoted you.

Can you guys help me, what the problem is? No further actions were performed because of this error. Maybe the steps are wrong from the beginning.

What I did / What I should do:

1. I moddeled the geometry I wanted using Unigraphics NX 7.5
2. I created a "box" around the geometry
3. I loaded the geometry into ANSYS
4. I should now generate the Model and than use "Boolean" to subtract the moddeled geometry from the box.
5. This reamining box should now be meshed and used for Inlet / Outlet etc.

Is this correct or simply wrong and therefore I get the error?

With an easier geometry, this way worked quiet well and I got first results, maybe the new geometry has an CAD error?

The Error:

Thank you very much for helping me guys, I really appreciate it!

Greetings from Germany!

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