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Julian K. October 26, 2011 16:06

Mesh Decoupled Mesh Movement in ICEM
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I would like to simulate a case similar to the scenario 'Rigid Body Simulation with Decoupled Mesh Movement' (chp. 32.6 of CFX-Tutorial Guide), but I don't know how to prepare my mesh properly. Especially, I don't know how to tell ICEM, that there are two independet meshes for the region around the body and the farfield.

So my domain should look like in the attached PDF-file. The fine mesh should move with the cirlce and the coarse mesh is supposed to deform.

I also attached a geometry file for ICEM, which I use for testing purposes. There you see a square cylinder in the middle and a regrion around it, which should move with the cylinder in the simulation. Around that is the farfield mesh, which is supposed to deform.

So, do you know how to set up my mesh in order to be able to tell CFX, that the inner mesh is attached to the circle?

I imported the mesh of the CFX-Tutorial and I shaw, that there are 2 "Principal 3D Regions". How did they do that?



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