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Catthan October 27, 2011 06:12

ICEM tet-tet interface not meshed and problems when meshing in segments
Hi there,

I am trying to mesh 2 wankel rotors connected with 2 pipes, left and right, and I am using tetra mesh as fluent likes it better for dynamic mesh.

I have split my volume domain in four volumes, 2 around each rotor and 2 for each pipe; I did this so I don't need to deform the whole fluid domain and gain some speed.

So I created interfaces where the pipes meet the rotor housing.

Basically for each pipe interface i created the same surface twice (one on top of the other) and gave them different names.

The idea is that one surface bounds the fluid around the rotor and the other bounds the fluid in the pipe.

When I calculate the volume mesh ICEM ignores one of the 2 surfaces and meshes just one.
This way I cannot create the interface BC in fluent.

To get around that I make each component of the engine visible and I mesh just the visible parts one by one.
1st rotor, 2nd rotor, left pipe, right pipe

This way my interfaces are created as I want them but the overall mesh is full of problems.
Mesh doesn't capture edges well or nodes are missing etc.

When I fix those individually I get low quality elements which may cause skewness issues during mesh deformation in the solver.

Any ideas how to calculate the whole volume mesh without icem neglecting the overlapping surfaces?

Thanks so much!

All the best,

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