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Sai Swaroop November 6, 2011 06:47

Unable to convert premesh to Stuructured mesh
The geometry we are trying to mesh is a complex one (fighter jet). We adopted a bottom up approach and used 'Extrusion' option to generate new blocks and maintain connectivity. But 'Extrusion' started giving error "Extrusion of faces Failed" for some reason (blocks being complex and twisted I guess). So we created the block using 'Extrusion' wherever we got it, say in 'part A', split it, separated it from original part (Part A) by deleting the connecting block and merged it with other block in another part, say 'part B'. We knew that deleted block goes to 'VORFN' but what we didnt know was the connectivity is still maintained even after deleting the block (sending it to VORFN).

During the above process some times when we used merge vertices option we use to get an error:

"Error creating the superblock (block number)"

and we would get some splits in the third block that were not needed. We somehow created the blocks and completed blocking.


Now when the premesh is calculated we get a good mesh with proper connectivity and good quality also but when we try to convert the premesh into multiblock structured mesh we get one of the following errors or a combination of these:

1) Domain 163 side 4 should have 1715 face elements but has 1689 in its subfaces.
2) Limits for Domain 278 dont match
TOPO file: 1 1 1 -> 34 3 35
Domain: 1 1 1 -> 77 100 12
3) Domain file not found:
Error in opening mesh file: (This error comes in red colour)

What do these errors mean and how to overcome them??

Thanks in advance.

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