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Touré November 7, 2011 19:58

Using Blocking with ICEM (infinite blocking lines appeared)
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I am trying to mesh with ICEM a rectangular domain of a flow over a plate using 2D Planar Blocking (Figure3) method. When I use Blocking my 2D domain is not closed. The upper and lower blocking lines continue on the right and left sides to infinity ???
The simple geometry is below. I think that it is an environment setting (Picture 2) problem but I don't know which one. In picture5, VORFN is activated.
Any suggestions.

Touré August 5, 2012 17:08

It was the tolerance which were too big. I reduced the tolerances in Menu -> Settings -> Model

Far August 5, 2012 17:27

This may be caused due to some entity placed at some large distance from the main object.

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