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Anima November 12, 2011 18:16

What software should i learn? - Meshing
Hello all

I''m a student who is speculating which software for the meshing i should learn to be most prepared when i apply for a job at a firm (in the future).

I would therefore like to know what software people use in their jobs and if there is anything i should consider.. I know this depends on the licenses that are bought, however, i would like to know if there is any software that is more benefitial to learn than others.

We mainly use Gambit at my university, but it's a legacy product and as such, i've been advised by the Ansys Coorporation to start my transition..

So, what software should i learn and why? Is there any of the products that is superior to the others or do they each have their strength and weaknesses? - We use the divide and conquer approach, which works in Gambit, but dosen't seem to do so in Designmodeller..?

jchawner November 13, 2011 19:11

Hi Troels:

My advice is not to worry about learning any particular software. Engineering is not a trade school. You're there to learn the fundamentals of engineer and how to apply them. If all your school has is Gambit, learn it, apply it, and be able to demonstrate your understanding of the tool and its applications.

Hope this helps.

PSYMN November 14, 2011 12:53

I agree with John about learning the fundamentals instead of focusing on the tools. I know I wasted a lot of time in University learning CatiaV5 in my "spare" time and I haven't touched it professionally since.

On the other hand, you may want to see if your university can start to follow the technology migration plan that has been recommended by ANSYS... You might as well be learning the latest and greatest that ANSYS has to offer. With the newer tools, your whole university could spend more time engineering and less time meshing, and that will be good for everyone's future job prospects.

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