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kalyangoparaju November 14, 2011 19:35

Hexahedral elements are 2D !!!
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I am trying to mesh a wing with NACA 0012 section with a blunt trailing edge. I was able to go through the blocking process properly building an o-grid and deleting the unnecessary block ( wing block). The blocking when I look at it visually looks pretty good but when I check the quality, it gives me very very bad quality even negative values.

When I see the bad cells, they look like 3D cells but are on the same face so essentially, ICEM is trying to put 3d cells on a face. hence the aspect ratio and the skewness is screwed giving a very bad quality. Can someone help me in finding the problem.

I am attaching some pics of the mesh and the geometry.

Attachment 10051

Attachment 10052

Once I did the o grid around the airfoil, I associated the inner o-grid block to the airfoil so that there won't be any mesh inside the airfoil. I think I am missing some trick here since 3D wing should be relatively very easy to mesh with high quality.


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