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executor November 16, 2011 03:43

Enclosure (cylinder body) around imported geometry
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Hi all,
I'm building a boiler-burner simulation (with reactive flow). Since the burner has complex geometry, it was built within Catia (step output; all parts are bodies). The main problem is to create fluid domain (enclosed cylinder) with wall and outlet (flue gas exhaust). I've tried to generate cylinder with extrude function, but when I add material, my burner geometry is gone. I can still imprint face for outlet though... The other possibility was to "add frozen", but than I could not imprint face for outlet, and as for meshing; program didn't recognize cylinder so I could add named selection (wall) for later constant heat flux boundary. Same problem was also with Enclosure function.

Is there some way (perhaps with Boolean ??) for creating such domain or rather fluid space with walls?? Everything tried has produced faulty mesh, but when I try meshing just my imported geometry there are no errors...

I'm using a v13.0...

I REALLY appreciate it guys ..


sandeep_tu November 16, 2011 07:13

First generate cylinder through extrude (frozen) functions, so now you will have two bodys one cylinder and other say burner.

Second now use the enclosure function (user defined)-->first body select cylinder and then second one as burner...this has to work.


executor November 16, 2011 07:36

That didn't work... i couldn't imprint outlet face and after enclosure ended, my burner was gone.. but i have managed to freeze burner bodies, generate cylinder (extrude), generate face imprint for outlet and finally use boolean function to substract "cylinder part - Burner". No preservation of tool (burner).. This was done without geometry errors, but now it seems, that i have some problems meshing it (CFD physics). It seems everytime i try to mesh my geometry, after approx. 15 sec. there is error saying: "A software execution error occured inside the mesher. The process suffered an unhandled exception or ran out of usable memory". I'm running the case with a powerful enough computer so i think that is not memory issue... I'll try incriese mesh sizing on burner part..


azna February 23, 2015 15:29


Im trying to use Enclosure option in Ansys workbench (Fluent), however After I generate Enclosure, I can't select the main body which is inside this. I need to define inside body as a inlet and solid walls, however it's impossible to select faces, can anybody help me with this ?


Kaouthar March 29, 2016 12:08

How can I define a new body in "user defined body" ( I want this new body to be the enclosure of my fan)?


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