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alejandro_1980 November 23, 2011 17:49

problem uniting meshed faces from two different volumes
I m trying to unite two meshed volumes ...(a cilindrical hole located in a flat 3d plate, and a cylinder, the cylinder has exactly the size of the hole).... both the hole of the plate and the cilinder have same common meshes (two identical meshes, one from the cylinder and one from the hole....)

I couple both meshes in the convenient place... i reorient the mesh because i want connect all faces from both volumes, and then i pug the meshes and export them to fluent...

when i read the mesh in fluent, i can see that the meshes are not coupled, i can fuse those faces but it deforms the mesh, it is easy to create a interface but i dont know about the numerical consequence...

when i zoom in the geometry in fluent i can see that one meshed face have little diferences (very tiny) in his positions respect the other common meshed face.. i think it is a problem with the tolerances.. but.. what can i do in gambit to fix this problem?? does any one could help me?? my best regards =)

-mAx- November 24, 2011 04:21

in gambit you can connect your surfaces with the riske that you loose one of your volume mesh.
Then you need to remesh.
In Fluent you can use the interfaces. Since meshes are the same you won't have any numerical issue.
Else it seems to heva another method, but never used it:

alejandro_1980 November 24, 2011 04:38

thank you max.. i have been feeling sleepless for that little problem.. my best regards... one annotation.. --->Since meshes are the same you won't have any numerical issue.................
you refer to the same meshes as the same contact face meshes from the two different volumes... thats right?

sorry but I'm not thinking straight...

-mAx- November 24, 2011 04:41

yes: if both interfaces meshes are the same, you shouldn't hqve qny issue

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