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Leepox November 24, 2011 08:10

Injector Tube into a Big Cylinder - How to mesh?
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Hi guys!

I've got a geometry where an inlet nozzle goes into a bigger cylinder. It just struck me that the o-grid inside the smaller nozzle would be very fine. Where it ends and goes into the bigger cylinder, the discrepancy would be huge. Wouldn't that make the mesh look really funny??? (fine mesh in the middle and bigger on the edges)

Other than making a fine mesh throughout the geometry which would increase computing time, is there any techniques out there that will sort out this problem?

EDIT: I've just read about non-conformal interfaces, is it applicable in this case?

BrolY November 25, 2011 04:29

You can do it with blocking.
Create the initial block for the longer cylinder.
Create two O-grid.
Delete the blocks which are useless.

Leepox November 25, 2011 11:45

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What I've done is that I created an o-grid for the injector (by splitting the initial big block using o-grids). Then cut the blocks to top and bottom where the injector and main cylinder space interface is. I've attached two pictures to show this. (First one with an empty mesh around is the injector and the injector wall). The next picture shows what the mesh looks like just after the injector nozzle. (if you observe carefully i have lost the o-grid in the middle, I'm still figuring it out)

Am I doing this right or am I doing it wrong?

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