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federvo.mala November 28, 2011 20:36

Hexa meshing of Wind Turbine blade. Help for Newbie please
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Hello everybody,

first of all thanks for reading. I really need some help because I am stuck with my project. Please.

So I have been doing a hexa mesh for a wind turbine blade in a slice of air volume(120 deg). I got something, but I don't know if my method is right. I don't have the hub, just the blade.

Basically I kind of followed the 'hexa wing body tutorial', therefore I started creating a box round my geometry, then I split bocks in order to creat a small block around my blade.

Then I created a new part (SOLID) selecting the block around the blade.
After that, I split this last block in more horizontal blocks; each split was created for every airfoil in the blade.

Then I simply associated verteces and edges to curves and points of each (lke a 2d airfoil). See pics.

Is this a right method to do this?

In the pics I showed this method but I only did a few splits of the SOLID block but I did that for every every airfoil.

Thank you very much,
help would be really appreciated as I am really stressing out :S

federvo.mala November 28, 2011 20:40

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Here are the pictures of the final mesh.

Far November 29, 2011 06:36

split for each airfoil? why?

federvo.mala November 29, 2011 08:25


Originally Posted by Far (Post 333925)
split for each airfoil? why?

Hello Far,

thanks for your reply.

Well I thought that putting a split for each airfoil would give me vertices and edges to be easily associated with the airfoil.

is there an easier way?

plot June 8, 2013 03:19

hello,I'm doing the similar project of wind turbine.The reference that you mentioned,hexa wing body tutorial,would be very usuful for me .Would you please send it for me ?My Email adress is
Thank you advace.

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