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matteoL November 29, 2011 12:30

Remove Internal wall
I have divided my volume in two parts, divided by a fictitious surface (called "Interface") and I have meshed one with a structured mesh and the other with unstructured mesh. The unstructured mesh has been grown from the structured mesh surface mesh, so at the interface the two meshes are conforming.

My problem is that now I have a wall (an internal wall) "interface" in my domain and would like to get rid of it...

How do I remove it?

If I simply delete those shells, then at checkMesh it obviously tells me that there are missing internal faces...

If I force them to be part of the solid part (the one containing the volume mesh) it still keep the wall..

What is the right way to do it?


udayrg November 30, 2011 05:15


Its not clear whether you have conformal mesh.

Now as you say if you have conformal mesh the remaining surface you can certainly define it as an interior.

However as you said once you delete one of the surface it gives a error of missing internal faces. Then i doubt you have two different surfaces connected to different voumes. And the mesh is a nonconformal mesh

And again which software are you using for preprocessing?

If its gambit or tgrid it won't allow you to delete and surface mesh if its connected to volume mesh.

Thank you


Uday Ganeshwade

matteoL November 30, 2011 05:45

Hello Uday,
thanks for the quick answer.

I am using ICEM.

The mesh are conformal.

You say: "Now as you say if you have conformal mesh the remaining surface you can certainly define it as an interior." This is exactly the question, how do i define them as INTERNAL?

Indeed you are right, the two volume meshes have different names. When I put both volume meshes on the same part, and then delete the interface shells magically I have no more error.. Strange, I would have thought he would have missed the just-deleted shells..


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