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willis December 1, 2011 06:58

Creating Fluid Volume

I am having trouble creating a fluid volume around an object in design modeller. In the past, for more simple objects, I have drawn a primitive box and changed its properties to fluid. My current model has primitive parts in it already, and this results in them simply merging with the box when I draw it.

Is there an alternative way of creating the fluid volume, or keeping the other primitive objects separate?

I have tried Tools>Enclosure, but only get an error message. (Error: Boolean operation failed)

Thanks for any help!


k_k December 13, 2011 12:19

freeze the primitive objects before creating the outer box.

karthickeyan December 16, 2011 06:45

for fluid domain
u can use enclosure option in design modeler for creating fluid around body

arjun3020 February 23, 2012 09:34

how to create hole in the enclosure. ?

i have solid body in the enclosure, and i want to impinge the jet on that body through nozzle, that's why i need to create the hole on the enclosure.
please help.

Hybrid February 24, 2012 01:15

you must use user-defined enclosure.

Make a far-field body (as solid), put a hole in it in modelling.

then using enclosure's User-Defined option, select the new solid body that you just created.

Then Generate....

Before doing these steps, you must freeze your original model.

Hope you will be able to see your required geometry.



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