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Lilly December 1, 2011 11:55

Problem with uniting volumes
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Dear all,
I have got a problem with uniting two volumes (using Gambit) which I generated via “Sweep Faces” (see pic). If I try to unite them I always get an error message: “ACIS error 8030: inconsistent face-body relationships”.
Is there any way how I can avoid this? Thanks a million in advance!

-mAx- December 2, 2011 02:31

can you provide your dbs file? (delete the mesh)

kc_reddy January 11, 2012 06:01

Same problem in uniting volumes
Hi all,
I am facing a similar problem while uniting the volumes(in gambit) that are previously subtracted. The error message shows "ACIS error 8030: inconsistent face-body relationships".

I want to unite all the volumes(all blades,volumes above and below the blades) and subtract it from another bigger volume(not in picture)

Kindly help me to fix the issue....Thanx in advance :)

-mAx- January 11, 2012 06:14

be sure your volumes are fully intersected together.
you can unite volumes, one by one, and check which is giving you trouble

kc_reddy January 11, 2012 13:23

Thanx for the suggestion once again.

The blades in my previous post were touching the top and bottom volumes. This time I extended them so that blades and the other two volumes intersect(uniting will anyway make them into one single volume). But even this time i got the same error message "ACIS error 8030: inconsistent face-body relationships".

Another way: As i said there is another bigger volume which subtracts this entire geometry(after uniting). When I tried to first subtract just blades from this bigger volume was successful. But again while uniting resulted volume with top and bottom volumes, error appeared "ACIS error 8033: decision to delete intersection graph was incorrect".

Please kindly help me. Thanx :)

mbuwain April 10, 2012 15:54

Subtracting volumes
Hi, did you figure out how to fix the problem? I am getting

"ACIS error 8033: decision to delete intersection graphs was incorrect"
when I try to subtract volumes in gambit.

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