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Hardeep December 2, 2011 15:14

Help varying mesh densities
Hi guys :) I'm relatively new to CFD, having just started a few months back for a university project.

I'm using ICEM to mesh an aneurysm model and i want to set 2 different mesh densities in 2 different regions (aneurysm body and inlet extension). I set the global max element size to the size i would like in the coarser region (inlet extension) and then set a smaller max size for all parts in the finer region (aneurysm body) using the part mesh set up.

But when the mesh generates, while having the desired density at the surface, it still produces large elements inside the finer aneurysm volume corresponding to the global size, and not the one i set for it in the part mesh set up!

What am i doing wrong?? :confused:

Thank you for any help you can give

Hardeep December 2, 2011 15:23

Or is there another way to have 2 densities/max element sizes in 2 different volumes?...

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