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nickcore2duo December 7, 2011 21:45

3D surface mesh alignment
Hi guys,

I am a beginner of ICEM CFD meshing SW. So, I hope somebody who knows about SW help me solve my problems.

My problems are two things.

First, I have a 3D surface mesh and when I imported it to the ICEM CFD, it is placed at some point and oriented at some angle in the cartesian coordinate. With this situation, I want to match the flat surface of the 3D suface mesh with XZ or XY or YZ plane. Though I found the menu for the transformation, I couldn't find out how to extract the needed information such as position and rotation information from the 3D mesh to calcuate the values for transformation.

Second, after completing the above alignment work, I need to project the cross section of the 3D surface mesh to the XZ or XY or YZ plane to extract the edge of the surface. Is it possible to do this with ICEM CFD and if ICEM CFD can, how can I do it?

If anybody knows about solutions, please help me and explain the details of them.

Thank you so much for your time and help.


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