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skrzatchlewny December 10, 2011 20:31

boundary conditions script
Dear all,

I met a problem with B.C. scripting in ICEM. The command for assigning B.C. to some region should look like this:

ic_boco_set T_FF_DOMAIN_BOUNDARY3 {{1 IFACE 3}}

however, when I try to parametrize the B.C. like this:

ic_boco_set T_FF_DOMAIN_BOUNDARY$i {"1 IFACE $i"}

where i is an integer number, I receive "$i" as zone ID. I also tried:

ic_boco_set T_FF_DOMAIN_BOUNDARY$i "1 IFACE $i"

but ICEM says:
"Error in replay of ic_boco_set T_A_DOMAIN_BOUNDARY3 "1 IFACE $i":
bogus active string"

Does anybody know how to pass a variable to the B.C.?


skrzatchlewny December 11, 2011 05:48

I have found the solution:
since B.C. is a list data (Tcl/tk manual), the correct syntax should be:

ic_boco_set T_A_DOMAIN_BOUNDARY$i [list "1 IFACE $i"]

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