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SerSe December 12, 2011 10:25

How to use Interior BC?
Dear all,

I am meshing an air nozzle inside a gas pipe for CFD analysis. I want to have two separate domains for the nozzle and the pipe, and I can get this through blocking. But when I define the INTERIOR boundary condition at the interface between the two domains (i.e., where the nozzle exits into the pipe), I get the following error in Fluent

"Inappropriate zone type for one-sided face zone. Changing to wall"

I guess this happens becasue I have two overlapping meshes - if I display node numbers, there are overlapping nodes at the nozzle exit - obtained when meshing separately the two domains.

Is there any way to merge the two domains? I already tried with nodes merging but it does not work - the error in Fluent is

"Cannot change nozzle_outlet to interior because there is only one adjacent cell thread"

How to overcome this? Please help!

Thank you very much,


SerSe December 13, 2011 09:18

I managed in defining two domains divided by interior BC with following steps in ICEM

- Construction of geometry
- Construction of blocks
- Definition of pre-mesh
- Creation of a new part from blocks (this new part from blocks is the new domain "AIR" - the rest of the blocks constitute the other domain "GAS")
- Conversion of pre-mesh to unstructured mesh (two domains are present, but unconnected)
- Check of the mesh (errors are reported because cells at the interface between the domains are not referred to any edge)
- Fix such problem (ICEM automatically creates elements at the interface, these elements have to belong to a new part "INTERIOR")
- The BC INTERIOR can be assigned to the part "INTERIOR"

The mesh file thus generated is readable by Fluent!



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