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octorisca January 2, 2012 01:41

Help me please, i have to finish my thesis in 2 weeks. :)
first, i'm sorry because i can't speak english very well,
sorry if i can't use the grammer well, :)

oke,, i have my thesis and have to finish in 2 weeks,,
this is my UNSTRUCTURED geometry on ICEM, this is a flying car, with 2 rotor.

this is the surface mesh, the surface mesh is fine.. but not about volume mesh

but, i can't complete the volume mesh..
this is a comment from comment box. after the volume mesh.

and the "single edge near" was here.

i've been repair the geometry millions time. :p
but, there's no solution. :(

please help me,, :(
i'm desperate about that.
i'm sorry if my explanation was bad.

i need your help.. thanks..

PSYMN January 2, 2012 10:24

Before attempting the volume mesh portion, run the checks... Particularly the check for single edges.

Create a subset from the single edge check.

Right click on subsets in the model tree and add a layer... Do this a couple times so you get an idea about what is going on around the two subsets.

Then inspect and solve your problem at a mesh editing level. It may be as simple as splitting an edge and then merging the opposing node with it... I can't tell because your image is zoomed out, but if you can't figure it out, just zoom in on each of the subsets (separately) and post a pic.

Abdelkader_Aero January 18, 2012 17:52

hello octorisca i read late your message , send me your geometrie in .iges or .tin and the gometrie of far filed and in witch extention of mesh you want ( .mesh .....), i will do it for you , this is my Email

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