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L3munoz January 9, 2012 07:24

Imported surfaces identification in Gambit??
Hi everybody!

I need your help cause honestly I'm desperated!!! Here's the deal. I'm working with Gambit and I need to import a model (IGES or STP file) to work laterly with it. Since I'm running an optimization task, I need to write a journal to run automatically. The problem is that for each optimal candidate the name of the surfaces, edges and vertices are different, so there is no way to call them automatically. Obviously all the models have the same surfaces and edges, although their shape is different.

I realized vertices are imported and sorted according to its Z, Y and X coordinate value, being vertex.1 that which has the lowest value of Z, and so on. This is a clue that might help me to fix the problem, but I cannot get information of the edges of my model, to know which vertices they have. Actually, I can, using edge summarize "edge.N" but I cannot load this information on a variable or array to be used. If there were any way to identify each edge and surface in order to know which is its name to deal with it in the journal...

Any idea??

Thanks in advance...

Far January 9, 2012 08:03

can't you identify the vertices and edges in terms of approximate x,y,z location? or simply rename them in gambit according to their respective position.

L3munoz January 9, 2012 08:09

Hi! thanks for your help!

Identify the vertices is fine, I can write the gambit journal in matlab, so as input I can give the standard label of each vertice and then identify the gambit-label with the standard one. Then the edges I don't know...what do you mean to their respective position? I don't know how to handle the edge information I get from summarize, so I cannot identify them by their x,y,z location or position...

Far January 9, 2012 08:13

when you are making the optimization study, then there must be some geometric features which need to be studied and they are similar to each other. you can rename them in gambit, for example

x1,y1,z1>>>>vertex 1(gambit default name) >>>>> vertex a (renamed vertex)
x2,y2,z2>>>>>vertex 13>>>>> vertex b

similarly edge 1 made by vertex a and vertex b and therefore you rename it to edgeab. may be you need to use the if-else and to speed up process do loops as well

L3munoz January 9, 2012 08:25

Yes, that's the idea. About the vertices ok, solved. But the problem is that edges in gambit are not always defined by the same vertices. I don't know a priori how is made edge1, because sometimes is with vertices (gambitname) 1 and 2, and others 5 and 6. If I don't get information of the edge from gambit I cannot go on...

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