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mingersai January 17, 2012 18:20

3d wind turbine mesh for multiphase simulation
Dear all

I'm trying to build a 3d mesh of wind turbine for multiphase simulation purpose. VOF model is gonna be applied. I need a very fine boundary layer so i'm thinking about build hexa mesh for turbine surface and boundary layer, Rest of the domain could be tetra mesh with larger sizes.
I already have the geometry at hand.
Then I'm going to:

1. build 2d surface blocking for surface mesh
2. use Delaunay to generate volume mesh
3. build prism layer.

Is this the correct way to do it? I'm confused about how to get a boundary layer with blocking method.

by the way, I'm using ICEM, and the mesh is gonna be used in Fluent

Thanks for you guys in advance.

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