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nprace January 24, 2012 06:41

Domain definition in 2D model
Hello all,
I am trying to generate a 2D mesh in ICEM to simulate in CFX. The problem is a rectangular channel through which air flows with a porous domain placed in it. The porous domain is a plate which does not occupy the entire volume of the channel. My 2D model will then represent a cross section of the channel (cir. 0.3 x 0.075m) with a smaller rectangle placed in the middle (0.01 x 0.15m).

I am using ICEM to generate the mesh with blocking. I apply the blocks and associated edges as per the 2D tutorial and generate a pre-mesh which I then extrude after converting to unstructured mesh. I have managed to define parts for the inlet and outlet of the body as well as for the symmetry surfaces.

However, I cannot define two regions where the two different domains are to be placed and thus cannot define this in CFD-PRE.
As I understand, this should be done before the mesh is generated with bodies or is that only valid with volume elements in a 3D model?

If there are further tutorials to this effect I would be thankful for your suggestions.

Thanks and regards.

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