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Nick R January 24, 2012 07:05

How to export geometry from icem
Hi all,

I find it much easier to create my geometry in ICEM rather than other CAD programs. However I have a problem with importing the geometry in proE (I need it for CNC machining). I usually save the file in the form of .3dm as it saves all the curves, surfaces etc. The problem is once I load the file in proE the surfaces dont appear properly at the edgesa although they look fine in ICEM. Is there a way to solve this ? Is there a way to created a solid in ICEM if you have a number of surfaces? Maybe that can solve my problem. I have tried other export format but they all miss the surfaces altogether. I have also played with tolerances to no avail. I'd very much appreciate your help. If I can't find a solution I'd have to go back to proE and sketch the whole thing from scratch!

vicky99 November 7, 2012 03:45

We have the same problem too. We find it easy to the geometry on icem but the exported file doesn't form a solid in Solidworks. We would also need to use the model for CNC machining.

diamondx November 7, 2012 11:53

icem cannot make solid. it's a surface based mesher. altough it has features to create geometry. it is limited to easy cases. it sure makes a good job importing them. if your case is easy, try exporting using step file in DESIGNMODELER. then perform a fill so you can extract a solid from your surface. i have tried STEP file from designmodeler to PRO/E, they work great.

vicky99 November 10, 2012 04:20

we know that icem cant create solids. It is atmost expected that the exported surfaces from a solid in other solid modeling cad programs. Our geomerty is not an easy geometry.

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