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Hybrid January 24, 2012 14:27

Meshing strategy for External Flows
I have recently shifted to Ansys WB.

I am working on a wing body configuration. I imported an external cad file (Parasolid/Catia) in Ansys DM, perform some operations(Boolean+Body operations, etc.). I enclosed my full-body (360 deg) in a sphere user-defined Enclosure. Everything is quite good at this stage. In DM model view there are 2 parts (one is my body as solid and second is sphere enclosure as fluid.

After that I link this geometry to Ansys Meshing, after taking some time, I see the geometry in Meshing environment. Ansys meshing defined contact regions. I started automatic meshing.

After the process ends, there are a mesh inside my body (solid) as well. there are overlapping surfaces too.

Is it wrong? If so, where?

Whether I have to take both parts in Ansys meshing or suppress body and take Enclosure only to the Ansys Meshing from DesignModeler.

I have also tried it in ICEM, after spending 15 days on same geom, I am tired now.

Need help.

A quick reply will be highly appreciated.

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