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drbones January 26, 2012 12:53

Plot3D mesh import problem
I had been using ICEM 13 to import a multiblock PLOT3D file. My university updated to ICEM 14.0 and now I can no longer import the files.

The log window does not spit out any red text errors, but does say this:

Running ICEM CFD/CAE PLOT3D Input Interface Vers. 14.0.0
Plot3D file contains 2 block(s)
Nodal dimension of block(s):
- Block #1: 147 x 12 x 1
- Block #2: 151 x 13 x 1
Skipping block #1 with iblank value 0
Skipping block #2 with iblank value 0

I get the same message whether or not I toggle the iblank option on/off in the plot3d option menu (or if I select the 'take a guess' option). And needless to say, the workspace remains void of any mesh.

I also cannot find the format for how to include iblank values in the original file (should be =1 I believe). But I would prefer to forgo iblanking all together because it's not a necessary feature for what I'm trying to do.

Thanks for any help you can provide!!

drbones January 27, 2012 16:18

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OK, so I have contacted ANSYS through their 'Academic Tech Support'. They were able to recreate the problem, and said it appears to be a bug.

The following was their response:
"It seems that V 14 cannot handle iblank arrys - seems to be a bug that has resurfaced. I tried various workarounds without success. Unfortunately, until this is fixed, your best bet is to revert to the older version of the translator. To fix, replace the file (pl3d2domain.exe) in C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v140\icemcfd\win64_amd\icemcfd\output-interfaces

I have attached a zip of the replacement file they sent me.

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