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SerSe February 1, 2012 13:22

Rotational Periodic Boundary
Dear all,

I have one simple question regarding rotational periodic boundary conditions. The model is a 6-holes nozzle inside a cylindrical pipe - I am modelling a 60 sector with 3D tetrahedral elements.

- Shall the two opposite faces defining the 60 sector belong to one part, so to apply only one PERIODIC boundary condition?

I am importing the geometry from CAD sw, then build topology, generate tetra mesh taking care that the opposite faces have same mesh, in the end I assing PERIODIC boundary condition to the part(s). When reading the mesh in Fluent, the following message appears

"skipping zone periodic_sh (not referennced by grid)"

both if there is only one periodic part with two faces and if there are two periodic parts with one face.

Could anybody help?
Thank you very much!


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