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JCMoss February 2, 2012 11:20

Airfoil Mesh (YGrid)
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Can someone please tell me how i can improve my current mesh.
I am trying to create 120 degree mesh to use later as part of a 3 bladed VAWT.
I think what i have done so far is okay, but what blocking should i use (and how can i create it) closer to the airfoil to better fit the shape.
Do i need to create a C-Grid shape around the airfoil, how can i do that from my current blocking situation?

PSYMN February 4, 2012 13:36

JCMoss February 4, 2012 19:47

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I have watched through the videos, and am still unsure of what to do. I couldn't create a C-grid around the mesh for the one displayed.
I started a new mesh aiming for the vertex layout shown in the Y-grid in the first video, although the blocking around the airfoil is closer to my intentions, i am unsure of how to create the rest of the blocking, ie. the meaning of a 1/4 O-grid. I followed the steps in video 2 to the point of projecting the vertices of the deleted block. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also from my initial Block, i assigned one edge per line (the curve having been split into two at the middle point) is this the corrent way?

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