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lostinicem February 2, 2012 11:48

Defining Zones
Hello again,
I have a 2-D model diffuser which I want to define in 3 Zones so when I import them to fluent I could define flow/porosity/model there in each region. So Im still new to icem and tried everything but if I import it to fluent it stays as one geometry; all I can do is defining parts (inlets,outlets etc) but still no clue about zone.
Anyone any idea? I looked in forum but most explanations confuse me because I cant seem to find it in my icem version (13.0 in my case).

would be thankful for any help!

PSYMN February 4, 2012 16:07

Zones are determined by the Part...

If this were 3D you would need three material points, each in its own part so that the volume elements in each area would be in their own parts and would be seen as separate zones in Fluent.

For 2D, you have shells instead of volume elements, and you control the part of the shells by controlling the part of the surface the parts are formed on...

So, just put the surfaces in each area into separate parts.

If you don't have surfaces because you are meshing from the perimeter curves only, I suggest you create surfaces from those curves... and then go put the surfaces in appropriate parts...

lostinicem February 6, 2012 04:24

Hello and thanks for your attention!
Seems what working for me is after meshing to break the connectivity of the geometry and making parts ( click on blocking and surfaces, so the whole mesh is in it ) of the zones, after that I can also define edges.

PSYMN February 6, 2012 11:40

Oh yes...

If you are using hexa blocking then, by default, edges between blocks in the same blocking material are color coded blue (cyan). These unprojected edges do not result in line elements.

Simply putting the blocking into separate blocking materials will convert the edges between them into surface projected edges which will produce line elements...

Best regards,


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