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Vitaly February 2, 2012 14:49

Icem cfd - applying different meshes to different domains

I am trying to mesh a complex geometry with a single inlet and close to 200 outlets. Each outlet has an extension attached to it.
I am trying to get a tetrahedral mesh within the computational domain of interest and hexahedra for the outlet extensions, where the fluid dynamics is not important.
I have grouped the domain-of-interest and all the outlets into two separate parts.

I am new to ICEM CFD. Could someone please give me some guidance on how to do this? Best scenario would be if someone could recommend a good tutorial that does this type of meshing using ICEM.

Thanks a lot!


Vitaly February 2, 2012 19:01

A solution to the problem...
I am posting this in case anyone needs it in the future.

Explaining how to produce different meshes in different parts of the domain would be too time consuming. The best thing to do would be to refer to the ICEM CFD 11 tutorial manual (
Refer to the tutorial called: 4.6.2 Hybrid Tube (pg 448). This is a good example.

One problem is that I could not find the initial geometry files, therefore I had to create the geometry my self.

PSYMN February 4, 2012 16:14

A common solution to this sort of problem where you are just trying to extend the outlets to prevent flow reversal is to just mesh the tetrahedral region and then just extrude the mesh on all the outlets... The triangular faces become extruded prisms and the transition is better than for a tetra/hexa merge...

If you look in the help, you can even see how to set an equation on the extrude so that the mesh will grow in aspect ratio down the tube...

This method is also much easier when you have a tetra/prism mesh at the outlets... the sides of the prisms will just extrude as hexas...

Vitaly February 4, 2012 17:54

Thanks a lot! I am just starting to play around with the extrusion process.

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