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Ijaz February 5, 2012 23:00

Volume meshing
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Could anyone help me with this problem of meshing. I need to observe the pressure and velocity distribution at the surface shown in the figure...
The part 1 is rotating as well as the outer cylinder is also should I divide the part inorder to obtain the right answer..

-mAx- February 6, 2012 02:41

Split cylindrical Tank with the other.
Then ask you, if you want to use MRF or Moving Mesh
If you are using interfaces, then you need to disconnect your volumes.
For that (once you did the split) you can copy the outer volume which rotates with 10rpm with a translation's vector, then delete the original volume (not the copy). Take the advantage of this view to apply interface BC to both volumes (one interface-BC for one volume >> meaning you need 2 interfaces because of 2 volumes).
Now move the copied volume with opposite translation's vector.
Both volumes should appear as earlier, but they are now disconnected (and you already defined interfaces)

Far February 8, 2012 05:22

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Quality of mesh is not good enough. Put boundary layer on tool and other important surfaces. If possible make the hexahedral mesh.
-mAx- suggestions are valuable and accurate

PS Ijaz sent me files privately

Ijaz February 8, 2012 22:56


Yes, the problem is because of meshing...could you help with the boundry layer, on the algorithm and the edge/face I should select for the same..i am finding it tough to mesh the part..pls suggest step by step..i would be grateful to you..

I did as you said for the interfaces max ..but bec of quality of mesh the results are not coming...

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