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Rachit February 6, 2012 10:01

Extruding 2D mesh to 3D mesh in ANSYS meshing
Hi everyone,

I have been working on a 2D flow over an airfoil in fluent. I had generated the mesh in ANSYS meshing tool. It was an unstructured quad dominant mesh. Now, I have been told to extend the problem in 3D by extruding the same surface mesh in the z direction to convert it into an volume mesh. How could this be accomplished? I know a surface mesh can be extruded in ICEM CFD, but I have been told to do it for the same mesh, so it has to be done in ANSYS meshing only.

Thanks in advance!


amanbearpig March 27, 2012 02:40

Has anyone come up with a solution to this issue? I am having the exact same problem. I can figure out how to extrude a 2D mesh in ICEM to 3D quite well, but how can I do this in Ansys Meshing? Thanks! :)

mvoss March 30, 2012 08:55

iīve managed to do so by creating a swept mesh,and set the source and target face manually. this means you have to redo ALL your meshing steps at the source face ... so maybe this isnīt what you were looking for.


sarangdalne March 30, 2012 22:58

I guess you have created a sheet/surface model for your analysis. When in the meshing application expand the geometry tree node.. go to the body of interest, now in the details view of that body there must be a field of thickness. give whatever you want.

Jordi July 31, 2012 06:03

Apparently, a surface can be meshed, a thickness specified and a 2D analysis performed. I'm only missing the possibilty of setting inflations...

Jordi July 31, 2012 06:32

But I found it's possible to right-click on the meshing method, the select 'inflate this method' to select edges.

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