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Soph February 8, 2012 13:15

Meshing a fluid NOT as a surface body

I'm a beginner to Ansys, currently trying model an artery with blood flowing through it. Its a very basic 3D model and I've created the geometry; one fluid body (the blood) inside a solid body (the artery) its essentially a cylinder shape.
When i try to mesh it and put it into fluent the mesh on the fluid part dissapears because its a surface body, but i dont understand how to mesh it correctly so that the mesh stays for the fluid in fluent.
Can anyone help me please?


Far February 8, 2012 14:49

consider the artery as fluid body and mesh from inside (cylinder type) and do not model thickness of it (if any :)). CFD software will take care of blood flow

PSYMN February 9, 2012 12:29

This should work no problem... People do it quite regularly, especially for conjugate heat transfer examples where you want to model fluid flow and heat transfer thru solids...

What are you using to mesh this?

I am guessing ANSYS Meshing. In that case you need to put each body into a Named Selection... When you get to Fluent, these volume named selections will apear as Zones. Then apply the correct properties to each zone and you will be set...

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