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twinesickle February 16, 2012 14:10

Surfboard fin troubles
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Hello all,

I am trying to run a fluent simulation of a surfboard fin over a range of AoA in sea water (i.e. during surfing!).

I've gone through the motions of a 2-D simulation, however I want to analyse lift and drag, and formation of vortex (in order to redesign leading edge) in a 3-D simulation.
Being a greenhorn in the world of Fluent, I would appreciate any input with this. I've tried adapting from 2-D tutorials with no success.

I have created the Geometry in a separate fin designer program, and imported it to the geometry module of workbench.
I am struggling now with what to do in terms of the mesh.
The route I have explored is to create a fluid domain enclosure in DM and remove the fin from this... and thats about how far I've got.
Does anybody have any idea on a method to mesh this as I always seem to get the message saying "surfaces cannot be meshed with enough quality"????????? (i.e. an idiots guide to...)

Any relevant tutorials anone knows of would be great too.

I have included some pics below of the fin I'm analysing, and some attempts at the enclosure and slicing.


Attachment 11343

Attachment 11344

Attachment 11345

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