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felicemastronzo February 17, 2012 06:37

Conformal Mesh
Hi all,

I have imported in Gambit a geometry made by many separate volumes. It is possible to connect the different volumes (not to unite them) in order to have a conformal mesh?


m9819348 February 17, 2012 07:27

What solver will be used?

What solver will you use?
In FLUENT, you can combine non-conformal meshes and/or make them conformal. Other tools have similar options.


Ries Bouwman

felicemastronzo February 20, 2012 11:07

I need a conformal swept mesh between 2 adjacent volumes in order to have a 2.5D dynamic re-meshing. So I need to create the conformal mesh in directly in Gambit. How can I do it if I have some adjacent but independent volumes? It is possible to "connect" them in Gambit in order to obtain a conformal sweep between the 2 volumes? If yes, how?


-mAx- February 21, 2012 06:58

connect faces

m9819348 February 22, 2012 15:11

This is indeed the solution.

Felice, did this solve your question?

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