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valahian1 February 17, 2012 12:12

Blocking for Autodyn
Following a tutorial for AUTODYN, I found that geometry is imported as .blk file (Fill block button). I made my BLK file in ICEM CFD, but when I want to load it in AUTODYN, it gives me an error: Input file is not consistent. Have you any ideea how to make BLK file for loading in AUTODYN?

PSYMN February 18, 2012 12:20

I was not aware that Autodyn also had a file format with a blk extension... There is a good chance that it is a different file format completely...

Autodyn usually takes in a K file...

In ICEM CFD you will need to right click on premesh to convert to unstructured mesh...

Then output to AutoDyn and write out a K file...

valahian1 February 18, 2012 12:51

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Thanks for your answer PSYMN. Here is the part of the tutorial where I must load BLK file. But I found a note on a site that says there is a different situation for Windows 64 bit. It says: To transfer the mesh to AUTODYN use New FE Model, Target System Nastran, Generate Data. From the AUTODYN applet use Import, MSC.Nastran.
I try this and it works with a geometry done in AutoCAD.

valahian1 February 20, 2012 02:51

I tried your way, PSYMN, and it works too. Thanks a lot! :)

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