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galap February 20, 2012 11:49

Annoying Issue in Icem 14.0
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Hi guys,

I just updated my ANSYS products to 14.0 and was then trying to open a geometry (.tin) file which was created in ICEM 12.1. Obviously it brings ICEM 14.0 to their knees: It crashes with error msg "Illegal instruction".

Any suggestings? The respective .tin file is simple and attached to this posting..

PSYMN May 22, 2012 10:23

I am very late getting to this, but I thought I would take a look...

The tetin file is very small, perhaps a partial file. I see that it only has what appears to be the 8 corners and one edge of a cube.

I had no problem importing this model into 14.0 or 14.5... (after changing the extension from .txt to .tin)

Perhaps you didn't attach the correct model?

galap May 22, 2012 16:50


it was the correct file - and yes a kind of a partial file. I've just checked it again and now it's working fine. I don't know what the problem has been at this time. Maybe Windows, maybe the license server?!

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