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Moufle February 21, 2012 21:51

Match Control, is this weird or am I stupid?
Hello all!

First of all, as this is my first post, so thank you very much for all the help this forum has already brought me.

I have a question about Match Control: I have 2 circular faces stuck together, that actually come from a cylindrical part I sliced in two in DesignModeler. I would very much like to make a Match Control between them (Contact Sizing over-constrains the mesh and renders it unsolvable).
However, when I make a new Match Control (Insert > Match Control), I select the first face as high, second face as low, I get the following error:

"The two faces do not have the same topology or geometry"

I mean, two faces that originally come for the SAME body should be eligible for Match Control, shouldn't they? Or is there something obvious I'm missing? God I hope I find out, please enlighten me!

Thank you, all


Torque_Converter May 21, 2012 08:49

I'm receiving the same information, I hope an answer is available too!

mfshanks November 18, 2015 17:00

I was stuck on this problem for a while as well. It turns out the way to get faces of connected bodies to mesh conformally is by defining them to be of the same part. If you slice a cylinder out of a box for example, obviously the faces should be identical. However you will see in the tree menu that you have two parts, two bodies.

To fix this, highlight both bodies in the design view, right click, and choose Form New Part. Then you will have both bodies within the same part. Under the part's menu, Shared Topology Method should be set to Automatic. That will treat the connected faces as one face, and therefore result in a conformal mesh. Just be mindful that the order in which you mesh the bodies will influence your mesh, as the first body to mesh will determine the mesh on the shared face.

I realize this is an old post, however perhaps others with the same problem will find this thread helpful.

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