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gmd February 23, 2012 16:42

& [ANSYS meshing] 2D NREL S809 meshing

I'm currently undertaking a project to model the vortex shedding from the NREL s809 aerofoil at very high angles of attack (rendering it effectively a bluff body).

I am just wondering what meshing approach would be best for this? So far I have been using a C-grid and translating the point geometry of the aerofoil in order to change its AoA but so far I cannot seem to produce a decent mesh. The grid tends to go haywire at various sections but be fine in others.

The way i have constructed my mesh so far has been to create a boolean between the cmesh surface and the aerofoil, and then split this cmesh surface into 4 quadrants using projected lines. Then in the meshing program, i have divided each line up accordingly creating a bias toward the aerofoil. Very similar to the Cornell University tutorials. I realise this is a very basic approach, and i know i will have to create a fine grid around the boundary layer, but I'm not entirely sure how to do this. Do i just split up the mesh surface using more projected lines and mesh in the same way as i have done?

Any help would be wholly appreciated!


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