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bahram.raeisi March 1, 2012 19:19

Dynamic mesh for a pitching airfoil
I am new in using ICEM. I used GAMBIT and created a dynamic mesh for a pitching NACA 0012 airfoil by applying triangular cells around the airfoil. Later, I used this mesh and studied aerodynamic coefficients for a pitching airfoil by running FLUENT 13 in transient mode.
I need to create another mesh by ICEM and compare the final result with the result from the GAMBIT mesh.
As I know only created meshes by GAMBIT with O-type grids and triangular cells can have motion in transient mode in FLUENT. Then do you know if there is equal type of triangular cells in ICEM. How can I choose a O-type grids with triangular cells around my airfoil in ICEM?

Far March 2, 2012 11:41

Multizone meshing

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