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archer545 March 3, 2012 08:36

Axisymmetric Meshing
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Hi all,

I am trying to mesh a simple half cylinder that will be used to model the extension of an elastomeric bladder. Since it is a simple model I believe the best mesh would be a simple axisymmetric hexagonal mesh but I am afraid I do not know enough of the methods and settings in Ansys meshing to get this type of mesh. I guess the first question is whether there is a significant (if any) benefit in trying to get a regular hexagonal mesh or if the mesh generated using mostly default settings is good enough (I have played around a bit to see the effects of different settings). If there is a benefit, what methods and settings should I use to get a suitable mesh? I should mention that this bladder is intended to extend to approximately five times its current diameter and I am not sure how this should be reflected in the mesh set up. I have supplied a couple of images of the current mesh and the current boundary conditions I have set up.

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