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cfd seeker March 9, 2012 11:48

Structured Hexa Mesh on Wing
I am looking for the help regarding structured hexa mesh in ICEM CFD on the simple wing body but till yet output is zero. So I kindly request experienced users like Far, Simon, Energy,Stuart or any other person to kindly help me in this. All I know about the structured meshing is about the meshing tutorial of aerofoil created by Simon, so my knowledge is very limited and looking forward for some good help from you guys. Thanks in advance

cfd seeker March 9, 2012 12:01

Far I have started the new topic, kindly comment....

Far March 9, 2012 12:22

some pics and tin file please

cfd seeker March 9, 2012 12:33

I don't have the tin file at home,its at my workplace but my geometry is very simple. Rectangular wing made of Naca 0015 airfoil, 1.7 feet chord and 5.59 feet semi-span, no fuselage. I only want to analyse the semi span....

cfd seeker March 10, 2012 12:11

Please reply here Far, Simon, Stuart....

Hybrid March 10, 2012 13:36

You follow the series of video tutorials for a 2D airfoil by Simon.

Then extrude in the z-direction or whatever your semi0span direction to convert it to 3D.

Do something then post it on the forum. I feel nobody will do your work. People only guides you.

Best of Luck.

cfd seeker March 10, 2012 13:43

yah Ali i know and i have mentioned in my 1st post that i know how to generate structured mesh around aerofoil...but how to extrude that in the 3rd-dimension?? its not easy as it can be said in just 1 sentence...if you know about this then kindly help...

Far March 11, 2012 01:52

post a tin file and I will take a look on it and suggest you the blocking.

cfd seeker March 11, 2012 03:30

ok Far I have saturday and sunday off...I will post my tin file tomorrow

Far March 11, 2012 04:06

I check the airfoil blocking and tin file in my database (if found) and shall post today the process of extrude as suggested by Hybrid.

Hybrid March 11, 2012 04:57

Blocking --> Create Block --> Extrude Face

cfd seeker March 11, 2012 06:31

Thanks Far it will be of grreat help to me.
Hybrid...I am new on ICEM CFD, in 2D blocking we dont have have mesh on the aerofoil itself but extruding the aerofoil in 3rd dimension has a wing tip face which also needs to be meshed, so by simply extruding the aerofoil mesh in z-direction how can we get the mesh around the wing??

cfd seeker March 13, 2012 06:19 wing.tin
here is my tin file Far...I shall be very thankful to you for the help, thanks in advance.

cfd seeker March 14, 2012 10:03

Far I am waiting for your help, kindly comment

cfd seeker March 19, 2012 15:07

no one is replying here....please Far,Simon and co..........

Hybrid March 20, 2012 11:29

try something and post you related problem!!

Far March 22, 2012 11:20

worked on the 3D wing. But having problem in creating the o block around wing due to use of collapse command for sharp trailing edge. Shall upload video clip on Monday. May be some else know the solution of this problem.

cfd seeker March 22, 2012 14:38

Thanks a lot Far for your reply, it will be great help from your side, may be Simon will resolve that issue....

Far March 23, 2012 02:03

1 Attachment(s)
First three Figs show the blocking after merging for sharp trailing edge and use of y-block command. Fourth Fig. indicate that the o-block is not successful for unknown reasons.

Domain is changed into rectangular shape. You can use the round far field at inlet, in this case blocking strategy would be different, similar to Simon's youtube tutorial on airfoil.

Files are also attached

Far March 23, 2012 06:40

Method 2
Method 2

In this method, O block around wing is created first (blocks collapsed in previous step at trailing edge), then tip block is split into two parts one for leading edge and one for trailing. For trailing edge block with 3 edges, Y-block is inserted. For the leading edge block, O-block is applied. See attachments and Figs.

Now working on method 3, that is not to use the collapse block command and simply creating O-block around air foil assuming trailing edge is also round.

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