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Gebbels March 10, 2012 04:04

Please help. How to define continuum types in Meshing?
Hello engineers. Need you help for this problem:

I want to build mesh for study heat transfer in Fluent. Heat transfer between solid sourse and air flow. This mesh must consist of two parts.

I build geometry in DM by operation Slice material, make one part (for build conform mesh), define solid for interior body and define fluid for exterior body and export this geometry to ANSYS Meshing. But in ANSYS Meshing I see two fluid parts. After meshing in fluent I see one fluid part and interior surfase. How build mesh with solid part into fluid part (both parts must be conform meshed)? Please help! In Gambit we have section "Specify Continuum types", but I can't search is't analog in ANSYS Meshing.

p.s. Sorry for my english. It is foreign language for me.

PSYMN March 11, 2012 08:29

Yea, no problem...

In DM, you can left click on a part and in the Details view, change it from a fluid to a solid or vice versa...

You can also right click on a part and rename it if you like...

When you get to ANSYS Meshing, you can click on the geometry branch and each individual part and you will see a material option in the details panel... If you set it up in DM, you will see "Defined by Geometry (Solid)"

But, Solid or Fluid doesn't really matter that much... The most important thing is getting a conformal mesh between parts... To do that you need to create a multi-body part...

In DM, left click on each of the bodies holding down the CTRL key for multiple selection... When you have all the bodies you want to join, right click and choose "form new part"... This will form a multibody part...

When you go back to ANSYS Meshing you will see that you only have one part under the geometry branch, composed of more than one body... Meshing will generate a conformal mesh...

Gebbels March 11, 2012 13:46

Thank you very much!

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